Gray Matter 11

A Drum Pump Full of Gray Matter

Imagine if you will a drum pump full of gray matter. Now we all know that the term “gray matter” is another term for brain tissue. Therefore, when I ask you to imagine a drum pump full of gray matter what I actually mean is for you the reader to imagine an industrial drum full of brain tissue. The drum pump would not necessarily contain gray matter but would be used to pump the gray matter out from the drum. Because an industrial drum is larger than the standard brain I imagine the drum would be filled with the gray matter from multiple brains.


One might reasonably wonder how an industrial drum would come to be filled with the gray matter of multiple brains. In fact it sounds a little illegal. Perhaps the drum is a container that brain surgeons use to discard extra brain parts accumulated whilst practicing their skills. It would probably take a good while to accumulate enough gray matter to fill an entire industrial drum. It is unclear why once the gray matter has filled an industrial drum that it would then have to be pumped out but I suspect that is the subject for another blog post.

The loyal readers of the Gray Matter 11 blog will know that the drum pump solves a problem that is not infrequent. We all have drums in our garages filled with gray matter. Even if we are not brain surgeons we still have these drums in our garages just waiting to have their contents pumped out of them. Maybe we bought our house from a brain surgeon who left the drum behind. It is difficult to fully clean out a house after many decades of habitation. All manner of objects and possessions tend to accumulate.

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