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The Full KingZing Electronic Cigarette Reveiw

The difference with KingZing is you can have known of them regardless of your expertise together with the Internet as they have advertised on-line and offline.

The sole reason we can note that KingZing might fall behind both other top electronic cigarette brands is the reality that KingZing will be higher priced. The standard of their products will be exceptional, as we have used the Classic Kit enough to understand it inside and outside of KingZing.

In this KingZing review, we are going to investigate if the higher priced ecigarette of KingZing are worth the cost. Take, for example their eGo One product, which you can read about here, it’s a truely remarkable electronic cigarette in comparison with other products on the market.

KingZing started out as a business that sold e-hookahs. Their costs were even higher priced back then, although they used the same cartomizers hookah kits began at $299.

When KingZing began selling them, though hookahs were uncommon, just about every electronic cigarette firm sells the two-component design that integrates cartomizers now. Electronic cigarette starter kits’ cost has come down as cartomizers have. Cartomizers can be purchased by you from areas like Halo eCigs and V2 Cigs for less than $10 a pack with reductions available based on quantity.

The most significant development involving KingZing is the launch of the KingZing Essentials Kit. It brings KingZing nearer to the costs provided by the competition’s cost. At $29.99, it contains a battery, one USB charger and two cartomizers.

For customers willing to pay more, the Express Kit contains one automatic battery, a USB charger, a wall charger, a USB electronic cigarette that does not have to be recharged and one whole pack of cartomizers along with a tough carrying case. When you order from KingZing using the DISC5 22269 coupon code, the kit comes to a fair price of $56.97.

This makes the Classic Kit only slightly higher priced in relation to V2 Cigs Standard Kit and the similar Halo G6. While that means KingZing is affordable, that does not mean their costs are the same as the contest.

Comparing the Competition

V2 Cigs and Halo Cigs do have specific advantages that KingZing does not. V2 Cigs offers a broader assortment of refill flavors for a portion of the price. You will get refill cartridge packs from V2 Cigs for no more than $6.18 when you take advantage of V2’s volume reduction price and use the coupon code ‘ecigone’ at the checkout.

It is also possible to create more vapor together with the manual battery choice provided by V2 Cigs, although you get about the exact same quantity of vapor generation with V2 Cigs.

While the Halo G6 does not create almost as much vapor as V2 Cigs or KingZing, it does have maybe the finest collection of American- e -liquids we have ever discovered. It’s possible for you to couple this with the reality that the cartridges of Halo do not operate with the ecigarette of KingZing. The do, nevertheless, work with the V2 Cigs ecigarette.


They appear to offer a rise in quality, although KingZing is higher priced than most other electronic cigarette brands. Does that make the worth it?

We had say out of the three kits that the V2 Cigs Starter Kit borders KingZing for the lead out.

The one exception to that’s if you do not enjoy using a manual battery. KingZing is worth a look in the event you would rather an automatic battery, as their battery appears to offer a somewhat better e-smoking encounter because it is simply a tad more sensitive and feels the closest to smoking a real smoke.

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