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Air Force Uniforms, a Transition Taking Place Relying the Airmen Feedback

Air Force Combat Uniform

Air force is giving basic training to the newly introduced OCP, Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform. It is the air force uniforms, and it will be throughout the service. The first entry was in Joint Base, Texas, San Antonio-Lackland, at the 37th Training Wing. It was here the OCPs were first issued. Even the new recruits have to buy the new OCPs using their clothing allowance.

The new uniform pattern is the standard by April 1, 2021, for the air force. The air force uniforms will include coyote-brown boots. The airmen will wear the OCP uniform at all times during deployments and also for garrison duty. There is no need for them to change during garrison or deployments.

Air Force Uniform Transition

Air force leaders announce a single combat uniform for utility, and it is the OCP that is already in use by the Airmen and Army in combat zones and across the air force in certain jobs. The Air force leaders took to this decision of uniform transition was due to the feedback of the Airmen to have the OCP as their uniforms.

The uniform transition was acceptable as the OCP is a battle-tested uniform and is the best. Having one uniform is the added advantage, and it also works as the service identity reminder giving a joint warfighting force member.

The air force uniforms are suitable in all climates and also across the most spectrum of missions. It is appropriate for the Airmen working on flight lines and during patrols. The service dress uniforms of the women are not different from the men’s uniforms in the air force. They are similar in style and color. It also includes additional articles such as stockings, skirt, and a flight cap suitable as women’s style. There is a maternity uniform, as well. The feel and the comfort of the uniform are commendable.