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7 Tips for Writing Irresistible Blog Posts

Web Design Tips

Content is everywhere.
There are 200 million blogs on the internet, and content is produced at an astonishing rate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of that content is so low-quality that they might as well be spamming the Internet.
Luckily, this also produces a way for you and me to stand out. You see, with a few blog writing tips, even a novice writer can produce content that blows 90% of content out of the water.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Write Short Paragraphs

Admit it.
When you read a blog post, you rarely read every. single. word.
You skim for the good stuff and scan quickly over the rest. Usually, you’ll read a little of each paragraph.
It’s human nature.
By writing short paragraphs, your readers will read more of your content. Plus, it just looks less daunting than massive textbook-style paragraphs.

2. Use Small Words

Like I said, people read blog posts for speed. Your job is to make your post as easy to digest as possible.
Using big words makes it harder to digest what your main point is. Use normal, everyday words, but say extraordinary things with those words.

3. Make Lists

Everything about lists is amazing.
They provide digestible chunks of information that your ADD reader can skim through and get your main points.
They make your post look easy to read (more white space = happy readers!) and they inherently seem valuable. Use numbers, bullet points, stars, arrows, or whatever makes you happy.

4. Get a Little Personal

What’s one thing that sets you apart from everyone else on the web?
You. Your personality. Your experiences.
It’s so easy for your writing to sound like everyone else’s. It’s easy to blend in. But, including snippets from your life liven up your writing and instantly creates a bond with your reader.

5. Edit Without Mercy

Once you’ve written a post, go back over it and be a mean ol’ grouchy editor. Take out everything you don’t need.
Words like very, really, and extremely are good examples of words that you can cut out without taking away from the point you’re trying to make. People like reading straightforward stuff that reads easily.

6. Repeat Your Main Point

People won’t remember every point you want to make, but your post should have one clear, concise message.
In this article, you can probably tell that the point I want to make is that your writing should be clear, to the point, and easy to get through.
You won’t remember all 7 points I’m making, but I’m hoping you’ll at least remember to be straightforward and succinct.

7. Don’t Hedge

When making a point, don’t say maybe, possibly, or “in my opinion.”
This does two things for you. First, when you pick a side and stick with it, you get people more drawn to you than ever before. And, the people who are against you will want to chime in as well. That only happens when you are firm with your belief.
Second, it’s clearer. Hedging requires more words and it sounds wimpy.
Instead of “I think bunnies are the best animals, but you might not agree with me,” say “bunnies are by far the best animals ever.” It’s clearer, shorter, and a much stronger statement that resonates more readily with readers.
What other writing tips do you use for your blog posts?
Adam McGee is the founder of Lemon Head Design. He has spent over 6 years honing his graphic design skills and his proven philosophy centers on clean, common sense design and user experience.