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Finding the Proper Place for You

208763456-tdfqfqnkdw-Home StagerIt is the opinion of all of us here at the Gray Matter 11 blog that the holiday season is probably not the time to be thinking about Weber State housing. You have enough to contend with what with the preparations for all the festivities that are likely on the horizon. Moreover, if you are already a student at Weber State University you will quite likely already have your housing situation squared away already. Accordingly, under these circumstances it is no wonder that you will have no need to search for housing of any kind during the holiday season at all.

However, in the unlikely situation that you are looking for Weber State Housing during the holiday season it is the opinion of all of us here at the Gray Matter 11 blog that there are several criteria that should be considered. The first criteria that should be considered above any other is that of whether to have a roommate or not. If you decide not to have a roommate this will save you the hassle of navigating the many socially awkward situations that must be navigated when learning to live with someone you may or may not get along with. On the other hand a roommate will significantly reduce your living expenses which of course is a very important factor to consider.

It is the strict policy of the Gray Matter 11 blog to refrain from discussing religion or politics especially during the holiday season. This is true even if the reader is looking for housing at Weber State University. For this reason, if you are looking for that type of advice we suggest you migrate to another blog pronto. If however you are not looking for that sort of thing then maybe the Gray Matter 11 blog is the proper place for you.