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Visit Mattress Store Heber To Find A Mattress That Fits Your Sleeping Position

Every person has their own favorite sleeping position that they sleep in every night. Regardless of what position is your favorite to sleep in, choosing the right mattress for that position is a big deal. Not every mattress will comfortably adjust to your sleeping position, that’s why it is so important to visit mattress store Heber to find the best-fitted mattress for you. Keep reading to find out which mattress fits you and your sleeping position the best. 

Back Sleepers

If you’re someone that enjoys mostly sleeping on your back, a softer mattress is probably not the best option for you. A softer mattress will not be able to provide you enough support and without the support, your spine will not be properly aligned. A hybrid or a firm mattress, which has a combination of foam and coils might be the better option for those who sleep on their backs. 

Side Sleepers

Individuals who sleep on their side can put a lot of pressure on their hips and shoulders, so the best way to avoid that would be with a softer mattress that can cushion your body and help relieve all the pressure. Side sleepers have found that a pillow top or memory foam mattress is the best option for them due to comfort and support. 

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach can be one of the worst ways that you can sleep. Healthcare providers actually recommend that stomach sleepers should switch to a different sleeping position for better health benefits. Sleeping on your stomach can actually put a lot of stress on your spine and that can lead to neck and back pain. But if you can rest by only sleeping on your stomach then having the right mattress can be a big deal. The ideal mattress for those who sleep on their stomach should be more on the firm side. A foam or a hybrid mattress is the most recommended for stomach sleepers. 

Combination Sleepers

People who switch up their position throughout the night are called combination sleepers. If you’re someone who turns over frequently through the night, you’ll need to make sure you purchase a mattress that is comfortable for any sleeping position. A medium-firm mattress might be the best option for support and comfort. You might want to avoid any memory foam mattresses since the body contouring benefits might make it difficult for you to turn over into a different sleeping position. 

Not only your sleeping position will affect what kind of mattress type you need but also your body type. Your body type also affects the levels of support that you will need. Everyone is shaped differently, which can also determine which mattress is the best for you. Visit mattress store Heber to test out some mattresses and to ask a professional that works there for more help on choosing the best mattress for you and your sleeping position.