Gray Matter 11

Gray Matter 11 Corporate Executives Use Park City Taxi

As a matter of corporate policy both the Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O.) and the Chief Financial Officer (C. F. O.) of the Gray Matter 11 Corporation use Park City taxi as a mode of transportation when they have to get from one location to another within the municipality. They both use this mode of transportation because it is second to none in terms of quality and luxury. Because both the C. E. O. and the C. F. O. of this prestigious organization have images to maintain they must be in a continuous state of looking the part and acting the part.

Looking the Part and Acting the Part in Park City Transportation

If a corporate officer such as a C. E. O. or a C. F. O. (or even a C. O. O. for that matter) does not both look the part as well as act the part then he or she will most likely not be treated the part (if such a phrase exists) and therefore will be less effective in their role. This is why appearances matter. Because if a corporate officer is not effective it will naturally affect the bottom line of the corporation in question.

Accordingly, both the C. E. O. and the C. F. O. of the Gray Matter 11 corporation (of which this blog is the public face) are under an obligation and duty to use this high end mode of transportation. To do otherwise would be nothing short of a dereliction of duty on their part. This is a true statement not only because the C. E. O. and the C. F. O. of the Gray Matter 11 Corporation desire to be effective in their roles but also because it is what is required of them. That is, to do anything else would bring shame upon their offices.