Gray Matter 11

Le Bus Wendover Brings Up a Gray Matter for Consideration

Recently the subject of Le Bus Wendover brought up a “Gray Matter” for consideration. Now, the loyal readers of the Gray Matter 11 Blog know full well what we mean when we say that this or that thing has brought up a “Gray Matter” for proper consideration. However, those people who are new to this blog are most likely unfamiliar with this term that defines the essence of why this blog was brought about in the first place. For the benefit of those who fall into this latter category we shall endeavor to devote some portion of this three hundred word blog post to the subject of defining what we mean when we say that something happens to be a “Gray Matter.”

The Topic of Charter Bus Companies also Happens To Be a Gray MatterĀ 

First of all, the term “Gray Matter” is not to be confused with the similar sounding term “Grave Matter.” A grave matter of course is a matter of very great importance. A Gray Matter, although not mutually exclusive from this definition means something else. Indeed, a Gray Matter is a matter or subject that causes a person to contemplate the issue at hand on a higher intellectual and perhaps metaphysical level.

Accordingly, when we say that Le Bus Wendover or Charter Bus Companies in general both constitute a Gray Matter for consideration what we are saying is that these two topics (for whatever reason) have stirred the mind of the readers of this hallowed blog to think on an intellectual level that is higher still than is the level upon which they normally find themselves thinking. The question for both loyal readers and newcomers alike is, why did this happen? What is it specifically about these two unique topics that gave rise to such a phenomenon?