Gray Matter 11

The Gray Matter 11 Tote Pump

This blog post is a sequel (of sorts) to the last blog post and will center around the topic of how to use a tote pump for the purpose of pumping gray matter out of an industrial drum. To be perfectly honest with our readers we are not really sure what a tote pump even is. Based upon our limited research this particular piece of equipment appears to be designed to extract the liquid contents from a container. Unfortunately that seems to be pretty much the same this as a drum pump. So we are not sure what the difference between the two is and that is an important piece of information to know if we have been charged with the task of writing a blog post on these pieces of equipment.


On the other hand, again if we are being honest here, it does not really matter that we do not know the difference between a drum pump and tote pump. It does not matter that we do not know the difference because this blog is not actually written to be read by people for its content. Rather, this blog post has been written for a different reason that we do not need to get into at this point in time.

There is actually more than one reason that this blog post has been written. We have already established that this blog post was not written for human consumption or for its informational content. Nor will this blog post inform the reader as to why it has been written. Suffice to say that there is more than one perfectly good reason for the post but it would probably be better not to explain the reasons within the content of this blog post.

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